8181 Hettenberger, Warren, MI 48093


Thank you for your interest in Lexington Townhouses Cooperative. Lexington Townhouses is a Market-Rate Cooperative. Which means, that the members of Lexington Townhouses can sell their membership at a fair market price. Each family that resides in one of the townhouses owns a share (membership) in the Cooperative. A membership entitles you to an equal ownership in the Cooperative, and a vote in the operation of the Cooperative.

Lexington Townhouses is a non-profit corporation which combines the quality of having your own home without the hassle of maintaining it.

Lexington Townhouses Cooperative is located in the City of Warren, east of Van Dyke between 696 and 12 Mile Road. The business address is:

8181 Hettenberger, Warren, MI 48093.


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