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Board Members

I have been a resident since 1991. As I was a single parent, living in the complex gave me the chance to raise my daughter in a comforable and affordable environment. Being a board member for the past 7 years has given me the opportunity to be a voice for our community. I have enjoyed planning and being a part of all activities. I hope to be living here when I retire, as so many of our members are.
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I have been a resident of Lexington Townhouses since 2013. I think it is important to be an active participant in your community and I am very excited to serve on the Board. I strive to maintain and uphold the goals and standards of Lexington Townhouses and will make decisions that benefit the community as a whole. Lexington Townhouses is an awesome place to live and I am proud to serve as a board member.
Darlene Lowry
Andrea N Olesky
Vice President
Not available yet

Kathy volunteered to fill our board vacancy until elections. She is trained and experienced as a board memeber.

I am happy to be on the Board of Directors because I like to be involved in my community and know what is happening. Serving on the Board is one of the best ways to stay in touch with the residents. I feel that I know and understand the goals of the townhouse membership and can help keep Lexington Townhouses a great place to live.
Kathy Kline
Sue Lodovisi

I am a long term resident of Lexington Townhouses. I believe that cooperative living is a superior choice ecologically. It also provides an excellent environment for a healthy community. My goal as a board member is to improve my understanding of our operations to help ensure that this community remains strong and continues to improve.
Pete Bungart